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We have available a large selection of Individual Cakes & Biscuits


 Cakes & Biscuits

Choc & Lemon cakes
Picture Buns
Chocolate Eclairs
Crispy Cakes
Congress Tarts
Madeleine Slice
Fondant Fancy
Choc Flake Fancy
Chocolate Buttercream Fancy
Apple Sponge Slice
Date Slice
Coconut in 4's
Russian Slice
Cup Cakes in 4's
Lemon Slice in 4's
Gingerbread Men
Shrewsbery Biscuits in 6's
Fudge Brownies
Vienniese Whirls
Caremel Slice
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Rolo Cookies
Ginger Biscuits in 6's
Marshmallow Cups
Carrot Muffins
Banana Slice
Assorted Doughnuts


Fresh cream
Peach Melba
Strawberry Continental
Apple Turnover
Strawberry Tart
Devon Scones
Apricot Slice
Meringue Shells
Meringue Nests
Apple Charlotte
Individual Fresh Fruit Tarts
8 Portion Fresh cream Torte
18 Portion Fresh cream Torte
Large Jam & Fresh cream Sponge
8 Portion Gateau
12 Portion Gateau
18 Portion Gateau



Fondant Fancy Gingerbread Men Japonaise